Adobe Flash Player

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Do you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your desktop/laptop? If you do, it would be wise to be sure it is kept up to date. That way you will minimize attacks by the "bad guys".

Of course, if you are using Google Chrome, you don't have to worry about any of this. Adobe Flash Player is built into Chrome. If you keep Chrome up to date, then your version of Adobe Flash Player will also be up to date, and in this regard at least, you should be safe.

Before you continue to the links below, if you watch videos on YouTube, you might want to visit the YouTube HTML5 Video Player page. There you can choose to use the built-in HTML5-based video player (assuming you are using what is considered a "modern" browser) instead of Flash. Once you have done this, you can disable Flash in your browser (or choose to enable it on a case-by-case basis).

If you are using just about any other browser that uses the Flash Player as a plug-in, the links below will come in handy.

Here is link to a page on the Mozilla site. You could start here. It has most (if not all) the links you will find below. Flash Plugin - Keep it up to date and troubleshoot problems

The following are official Adobe help pages:

Check to see if Flash Player is installed on your system (and which version you have installed).

Flash Player Help - Install Flash Player in 5 easy steps. Check to see if Flash Player is installed on your system (and which version you have installed). If it is not installed, you can download the latest version. There are links for all systems and all browsers.

Download & Install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. There is a checkbox to install McAfee Security Scan Plus. Be sure to UNCHECK that box if you do not want to install McAfee.

Flash Player Help / Enable for Internet Explorer.