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You can do a search on whatever subject you are interested in and the word "tutorials" and come up with pages and pages of websites offering guidance on specific subjects. Those are fine for specific tasks, but if you are seeking in-depth knowledge, another direction might be called for.

Sure, there are online universities and other educational institutions, but what if you are looking for very targeted learning on a single subject? There are sites that exist serving just this purpose.

  • tuts+ : Sure they have courses you can pay for, but why not first check out the ones they offer for free? This way you can learn something new and see if you like the site and their other offerings at the same time.
  • Learnable : They don't seem to have any free courses, but according to their home page, they are "The best way to learn web development. You will have Unlimited Access to 4,577 Videos. Get unlimited online access to all of our courses and videos. Learn new technologies and languages easier with step-by-step instructions. Course downloads, like code samples, are included so you can follow along."